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18th-Oct-2009 08:40 pm - GYGO Video
dancing BM
As promised, here is the video I made from GYGO last night. I also do a daily video blog, of which this is a post. You might like the other posts. You might not. Check them out.

11th-Sep-2009 07:34 pm - 2 Weeks to MaulCon II
MaulCon II, the Pioneer Valley's gaming convention, run by NexusCorp, is coming in just two weeks on the weekend of September 25-27, 2009.

MaulCon is a gaming convention featuring role playing games, card games, board games, and now LAN games.

We will have nationally known games like World of Darkness and Dungeons & Dragons.

Furthermore, we are proud to be able to include designers from Indie Game Explosion with games by local designers including Misspent Youth, Slayer of Dragon, and Tales of the Fisherman's Wife.

Admission is $15 at the door, but if you pre-register online before the 23rd of September, you can get in for only $10! Pre-registration and other information is available at http://www.nexusevents.org/maulcon
26th-Aug-2009 10:48 am - New to the GM Biz
I haven't run a single game in my life, and in the RPG world in general I'm rather new - I was in email RPGs in high school and didn't even touch a d-20 until coming to MHC.  Since then, I've been in a few games, and now I wish to hold a game of my own, and hopefully get my GM license.  I hope to hold an Avatar: the Last Airbender one-shot, and will probably be using the Savage Worlds system, but I have that stuck feeling that an artist gets sometimes while staring at the foreboding blank sheet of paper.  Where to start?  Where to start?

I was going to work on this all summer, but clearly I have made little progress and have decided that looking to those wiser than I might be a good idea. ^^'
18th-May-2009 12:17 am - Free Chocolate Day
Worlds Apart
Female Gamer Appreciation Month continues with free, tasty fudge!

Sunday, May 24th, Worlds Apart is proud to host Free Chocolate Day.

Female Gamer Appreciation Month is Worlds Apart's tribute to gamers of the fairer sex. All month, we are giving women a 10% discount and other benefits. Additionally, there is a great lineup of events, including this one.

The chocolate will come out at 2:00 PM and stay until it all gets eaten. Bring a board game to share or play one of our over 110 demo games while you enjoy the tasty tasty fudge.

Worlds Apart is located in downtown Amherst, under the new Papa Gino's Pronto next to the Amherst Brewing Company.

All are welcome.
29th-Apr-2009 07:48 pm(no subject)
The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Test is at http://www.theferrett.com/rpg/

My Results!Collapse )</td></tr></tbody></table></div>
16th-Apr-2009 11:10 pm - OGL Ancients Episode 18
random humor
I know I am really behind in posting the logs for the OGL Ancients game. Life has been throwing all sorts of curve balls at me, so I haven't had the time to sit down and edit the logs to make them "postable." Unfortunately, the logs for episodes 16 and 17 (the games from three and two weeks ago, respectively) are not quite ready for posting; they are incredibly disorganized and I'm embarrassed to post something so haphazard. However, episode 18--last weeks' game--is done. So, since some players were absent last week and need to know what happened before tomorrow's game, I'm posting the log for episode 18 before I post episodes 16 and 17.

Episode 18: This Game Has Gone to HellCollapse )

The logs for episode 16 and 17 will hopefully be up within the next 24 hours....
29th-Mar-2009 03:16 pm - It was requested
Trooper in the rain

Star Wars Episode One fic. Spoilers for "the duel of fates" duel aka THE END OF THE MOVIE. Also, Qui-gon inner-dialogue epic win.
Let me know if anyone wants more, there's a crap ton where that came from.

(warnings: crack!fic, brief mention of Qui/Obi)
21st-Mar-2009 09:05 am(no subject)
For those of you still at MHC you might find this to be of interest: http://forums.lfgcomic.com/index.php?showtopic=4306

LFG: D&D/WoW/Etc parody webcomic. Way too much fun if you haven't read it yet (Trina, I'm looking at you).
9th-Mar-2009 01:01 am - Picture's Worth
I took these last year in London, and I feel like it is overdue time for posting them. Much love. <3

A Shrew At The British Museum

Paladin Store!
random humor
To those of you who actually read this log, I have a request. I would greatly appreciate it if you would do me a favor and strongly encourage party members who are absent (from any game) to actually read this log. One of the reasons I make this log so detailed is so people who miss games can read exactly what happened.

And to those of you who actually read this log, regardless of whether you actually miss a game or are in even the game, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.

Brief Synopsis:
Words cannot begin to describe the sheer...er...drug trip that was this episode. (Or, rather, "drunk trip" might be a better term, since all of the hilarity was caused by two very drunken cats.) But amidst all the beer and wine, the party did manage to find and return the Healing Rod of Asclepius, making this the fastest plot advancement we have ever done.

That said, I think this video perfectly describes the general feeling of this episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfdL7k136co

Episode 15: Everybody Wants to Be a CatCollapse )
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