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1st-Mar-2009 05:33 pm - OGL Ancients Episode 14: Got Gills?
Brief Synopsis:
The Spartan noble continues his side quest, while trying to keep his already wounded pride from being further gutted by the throngs of gawking Athenians he keeps attracting. Unfortunately, he doesn't do much to aid his own cause. Struck with a sudden rush of teenage boy stupid, he picks the wrong time and wrong place to do the wrong thing: he insults Mnemosyne and Althaia in front of the priestess of Athena...who also happens to be Althaia's aunt.

Meanwhile, after learning that the Healing Rod of the god Asclepius is somewhere in the Aegean Sea, Atrophos decides to go after it; but in order to do so, she must either learn how to swim or somehow do the impossible and acquire the ability to breathe underwater. So, she does the more logical of the two: She prays for the ability to breathe underwater, and poof! she grows a pair of gills.

Episode 14: Got Gills?Collapse )
strong woman
I apologize for constantly asking people (particularly haruko_kaida) to repeat themselves yesterday. Actually, I ought to make the keyboard apologize for being so blasted LOUD...but since keyboards are inanimate objects, I'm forced to shoulder the blame. Know that if my personal computer's battery actually held its charge, then I'd consider bringing her, but there are a limited number of outlets in 202.

I tried to find the name of that general who should be the regent of Macedonia. The only name I came up with that was similar to "Pergowhatsit" is "Perdiccus," but I'm not positive if this is the right name, so if someone who has any knowledge of ancient Greek history would like to verify this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Brief Synopsis:
En route to Sparta, the party stops briefly in Athens, although the Spartan nobleman manages to lose all of his soldiers along the way (they ran away). In Athens, Althaia pays a visit to her family's home, where she learns that, in her absence, her father has arranged for her to marry a Persian lord who served under Alexander the Great. As for how Althaia feels about the recent development in her future... Well, let's just say she's not enthused....

Episode 13: M-M-Marriage?!Collapse )
random humor
This game is turning out to be rather inspiring, oddly enough.

Brief Synopsis:
The party arrives at Troy and finds the sword of Ares among the ruins. (They also get a new addition to their party: an Amazon warrior who was assigned to guard one of the priestesses.) After learning that they have to return the sword of Ares to the shrine of Ares in Sparta, they head south to the port city of Purgamon, from where they cross the sea. They arrive in Purgamon on the day of the festival of Dionysus, which means alcohol is being passed around as fluidly as gossip...and that many of the party end up drunk. Which results in the Spartan getting turned into a fluorescent rainbow cat.

Episode 12: Turmoil in TroyCollapse )
I thought you all would like to know that the log for this game is 85 pages long. The log for last Friday's "episode" alone was about 10 pages long. This may in part be due to my meticulous logging (although I tried to cut back a little this time), but to my credit, there is a lot that goes on that's log-worthy (read: about three-fourths of the entire game).

Brief Synopsis:
The party discovers that the never-ending snow in this region of Macedonia is caused by the local snow deity, who has been angered. Having been assigned the task of appeasing said snow god, the party hikes up the mountain toward the god's shrine. Things go well, until two of the priestesses conspire to turn the artificer into a purple-eyed, neon pink cat.

"Peace" does not exist in the vocabulary of these holy heroes.

Episode 11: A Mountain of ChaosCollapse )
11th-Jan-2009 11:52 pm - I love Goodwill don't you?
Porn, Sherlock
Recently I went to my local Goodwill and found some RPG stuff. Basically I found three books and need to know if Renegades / anyone who is in an RPG would like them. So if someone in "authority" says that Renegades as a club dosn't want them, then anyone can "claim" them and I'll give them to you/the club when I get back to MH for next semester.

Descriptions of BooksCollapse )

A brief synopsis is not necessary in this case. Just know that the gods got impatient and angry, and the party got screwed over. Big time.

Revenge of the GodsCollapse )
Before I begin, I would just like to apologize to those in the OGL Ancients game for my bitchiness yesterday, and for disrupting the flow of the game. Usually, I am not quite so picky about getting down every piece of dialogue, but since it was a "special" game, and since our next game won't be for another three weeks and I'm sure by then some people will have forgotten some of the detail of what happened, I wanted to make sure I got down as much as possible.

Also, I know this is not the best excuse, but I tend to be bitchy when I'm sick. I was also frustrated with my inability to speak and to therefore let people know when they were speaking too quickly for me to keep up, or when I couldn't hear one person over the side conversations of others. So again, I apologize. In the future, I will try not to be so meticulous; I hadn't realized that I was disrupting the flow of the game that much.

Now, on to the log!

Brief Synopsis:
The gods have ordered our heroes to reconcile their differences for the sake of their mission. This proves to be more difficult than it should be, to the point where Athena and Thoth find it necessary to intervene because [most of] the party is doing nothing but bickering and throwing insults at each other.

This log is incredibly long. Sorry for that.

Episode 9: Isn't This Supposed to be Therapy?Collapse )
Brief Synopsis:
After receiving details of their next mission, the party has split in two--the nobles and their entourages as one group, the rest of the party as another--to take two barges down the Nile to Alexandria. Those on the noble barge learn that one of the party is a witch. The Spartan does not take this news very well (read: he takes it very badly) and tries to kill the witch. He does not succeed, but his actions displease his goddess, who sends a sea-creature to "retrieve" him and take him away for some discipline.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party, on the normal barge, are faced with an outbreak of TB, thanks to the not-so-intelligent Greek priestess who decided to cast Hand of Pestilence on the barge captain because she thought he was being stupid. That, coupled with one party member's fear of sailing and subsequent decision to jump overboard and nearly drown because she fails to swim properly, and chaos ensues.

Luckily, no one dies, and they make it to Alexandria in one piece. However, the gods, displeased with the discord in the party, gather them all in a dream-vision and order them to have a group therapy session.

Yes, a group therapy session.

Episode 8: Chaos on the BargeCollapse )
13th-Nov-2008 11:50 am - Prototype Layout
video game
I don't know how many Renegades are aware of this, but aside from my other technie-oriented duties, I also design LJ layouts. I told bubblejet_ awhile back that I was interested in designing a layout for the Renegades LJ because the current layout is just too plain boring for such an interesting club :P. So, here is a prototype layout:

Renegades, Inc.: Where the Geeks Come Out to Play

The only part of this layout that is not up for change is the banner on the side. (Technically, that could be changed, but that would involve another long meeting with Photoshop; as it is, the current banner took me at least half an hour to make: the dice are all hand-drawn.) Color scheme and fonts can be changed.

(bubblejet_, if you wish to use that banner for the website, just let me know.)
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